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How to add a blog in wordpress website

In this chapter, we will study how to Add Posts in WordPress. Posts are also known as articles and sometimes referred as blogs or blog posts. These are used to popularize your blogs.

Following are the simple steps to Add Posts in WordPress.

Step (1) − Click on Posts → Add New in WordPress.

Step (2) − You will get the editor page of the Post as shown in the following screen. You can use the WordPress WYSIWYG editor to add the actual content of your post.

Following are the fields on the editor page of the Add Posts Page.

  • Post Title − Enter the title of the post, i.e., Post1.
  • Post Content − Enter the content of your post.

Step (3) − Click on Publish button to publish your respective post.

NOTE: In future versions of wordpress layout might change – you can follow our above video adding a post with elementor too.

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