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How to Change the Admin Email Address in WordPress


Email is a common element of any WordPress website. It’s helpful for managing everything from contact forms to messages from security plugins. Which is why you always need to have the address current.

Unfortunately, not everyone takes the time to change the admin email address in WordPress. This could lead to a loss of opportunities, a loss of messages and many other issues.

For instance, the Wordfence security plugin will send email when there is a detected threat or if someone logs into the website. Without a current address, these messages are simply lost.

Today, I’ll show you three different ways to change the email address of the admin account in WordPress.


1. Click the “Settings” option in the left panel of WordPress.



2. Change the info in the “Email Address” field.

This is the default address most WordPress tools will use when sending messages. If you only have one admin, this works great for making sure messages are sent and received.


3. Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the Settings screen.


As of newer versions of WordPress, you’ll see a confirmation message appear under the Email Address field. This is a security precaution, and you’ll need to confirm the change from the address before it goes live.

Once the new address is confirmed, the primary email account will change.

NOTE: This will not change the admin login, role or specific address related to admin accounts. This only changes the primary email address used for WordPress. If you are the only one working on the site, then this option is probably the best choice.


How to Change the Admin Email in the Accounts Section

What if you have several admin accounts on your site? Perhaps you want the site address to differ from the actual admin profile.

Changing the contact email address for specific admins is different than using the above method for the entire website.

In any case, you can easily change the address of an admin account through Users in WordPress

1. Click the “Users” option in the left panel.


2. Click into an admin account for your website.


3. Scroll down to Contact Info and enter the new address.


4. Click “Update Profile” on the bottom of the page.

Like the method above, you’ll see the confirmation message appear under the email address. Until the email is confirmed, the old address will remain.

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