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How to add product variation in wooCommerce – for variable products

Log in to WooCommerce store using Admin credentials. Next, go to the left menu bar, and under the Products section, you will see the Attributes option.

Click on the option to see the detailed fields:

As you can see, there are two text fields labeled Name and Slug.

In the Name field, add the title of the attribute such as size or color. Note that the Slug field is optional and you can leave it out for the moment. Click the Add Attribute button to add the attribute.

For the purpose of this example, I have added the attribute ‘Size’, as shown in the following screenshot:

Under the heading ‘Terms’, you can see the Configure Items. Click the option to add related options.

Now, let’s mention the various size options for this item:

As you can see from the example, I have added a size option with the Name as ‘L’ and Slug as ‘large’. By following this process, you can add all the available sizes for your inventory item. Remember to click the button to finalize the changes.

Once done, my list looks like:

Now, I will add another attribute of Color, another important variation for my product. here’s how the final results look like;

Step 2: Add Attributes to the Product

Now that the attributes have been created, it is time to add them to the product.

In the left menu bar, under the Products section, you will find All Products option. Next, select the item you wish to apply the attributes. For the purpose of this example, I have selected the item hoodies.

Next, go to the Product data dropdown, and select the Variable product option.

Next, select Attributes and you will see the list of all the attributes you have created for your products. Note that I have selected the Colors attribute for this example:

Next, add the values (such as black, orange etc), and check the Used for variations checkbox.

Next, I will add the ‘Size’ attribute and add available variations:

Once done, click the Save attributes button to finalized the changes.

Step 3: Add the Variations

It’s time for the third and the final step.

Click on the Variations (right below the Attributes option) and click the Go button:

This option is amazing, as I can create variations using all the available attributes.

Once you have set the variations, expand each variation and insert an image, price, weight, dimensions, and other aspects:

Click the Save changes button to finalize the changes.



You are almost done. Now publish the items and see the results live!

Looks stunning, right? You have now added a WooCommerce variable product to your store.

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